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Single Story Side and Rear Extension

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Increasing ground floor living space

This project created a new kitchen/diner and living area by extending at the side and rear of the property, and removing the internal walls. The original layout had a small bathroom at the back, separate kitchen and dining room. Just opening up that space alone bought in the much needed light to the ground floor.

We created a small shower room under the stairs in the hallway and the lounge stayed at the front of the property

The 2 sets of bi folds created an amazing open living space especially in the Summer months. The vaulted ceiling and Veluxs also creating more light. Under floor heating was compromised due to budget constraints so the client chose a couple of vertical designer radiators to minimise the wall space

In addition to the original brief, client decided the lounge area at the back would be too dark. We created a new opening in the existing brickwork and installed a fixed glass window checking the amendment with building control first and client agreeing to the extra cost.

When we quote on renovations, it is always subject to any unexpected finds underneath the floor, ground, existing foundations etc.... We have come across a well under a patio, corroded water pipes which needed replacing, so as much as we aim to include everything in our initial price, there are quite often extras. For this project when taking up the existing floor in the dining room we discovered all the quarry tiles with no damp proof membrane or insulation. Hence the damp problems they were experiencing before. To prevent any further problems we had to bring the digger back, dig out the existing ground, re-prep and fill. Install a new damp membrane, insulation and concrete. This did cost a few thousand pounds but it was certainly worth it to prevent any issues further down the line.

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